You know the RHS, great bunch of lads! They spend veritable fortunes helping to promote excellence in horticulture, emphasise the importance of becoming a well trained and knowledgable gardener, promote the horticulture industry as a viable and worthy career path…REMOVE ALL OF THEIR PAST PAPERS LEAVING ONLY THIS YEAR’S PAPERS MINUS EXAMINERS COMMENTS! I’m currently…


The world is currently completely on the cusp of being irrevocably, fucked. Not just a little bit screwed, not just a bit unbalanced, not a tiny bit knackered, but VERY, MASSIVELY, INCOHERENTLY, FUCKING FUCKED. Humans need to garden more to save ourselves. Why? Here’s why: 1: Because it gives your head room to actually think….

Bengal Beauty.. Pffft

Look at it! I know! Everyone has their list of favourites and not so favourites, but every so often you come across something so spectacularly awful that it makes you tired. What makes unfavourite plants even more unfavourite, is when the plant in particular is heralded as some ‘must have’ horticultural rarity. I’m not sure…


It saves me. Every day, gardening saves the part of me that reaches the very edges of tolerance. Every year something pushes me closer to the edge, my snapping point, the point at which either I break or shit gets broken. The past few years has been a steady stream of injustice. I’m a nice…


Wealthy Retired Affluent Gardener Scam