Planty Plants

It has begun. After the longest, shittest Winter for at least two years, ground temperatures have finally  crept up to a level able to tickle roots. Whatever chemical signals occur and however they are released, you can now feel it, very tangibly. Plant life is veritably bursting with desire, rampant with the need to procreate.

Today was the first properly warm day. A day that rendered me into a T-shirt! I had to tear off my snood by 9 this morning and by 11 I needed to do a removal of undergarment manouvre in the flower bed and extract myself from .. my base layer! A serious day of horticulture, tactfully weeding through cut flower borders remembering not to hoe in the recently planted Papaver and Peucedanum seedlings.. like I might have done last year (cough).¬†Then the afternoon was filled with probably the most enjoyable part of being a Gardener. The planting up of a new area, with many plants I’ve grown and nurtured from seeds, coaxed and guided and tended and waited in loving reverence for to arrive to a size where they can be tucked directly into the great big beautiful planet and spread themselves out. Planting in this way, from seed, gives me a deep sense of contentment and grounding. I can walk around the garden and nod at every plant I have personally touched from birth.

It stuns me on a daily basis how diverse the job of ‘Gardener’ really is. We are Botanists, Midwives, Geologists, Molecular biologists, Chemists, Meteorologists, Ecologists, Herbalists, Philosophers, Historians, Poets, Artists, Dreamers, Designers, Architects, Labourers, PR professionals, Academics, Advisors and we are always in a state of learning, happy to go home and spend the night on-line ordering books about everything from petal morphology to mycelium.. or spend the night waffling on to family and friends, knowing that they’re just smiling and nodding and hearing only;

“Planty plant plant plant, planty planty thing plant, lovely planty plant, yellow, blue and silver planty plant… fucking amazing planty plant!…”


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