RHS 2 Vegetable Module

Studying for a re-sit of Vegetable production module as part of RHS 2. I have been procrastinating, hence the birth of this blog, but low! I bring to man-kind (the gardening sort) My comprehensive study guide, with some practice RHS exam questions.

  • ¬†Your ideal study time will be spent, facing a corner, with no natural daylight (it will distract you), with a constant supply of tea, many empty A4 notebooks and lots of coloured pens. Never use the yellow ones, they’re not obvious enough.


  • ¬†Ideally, spend at least an hour every day for a year, each month dedicated to each module. Probably though, you will spend a few weeks ploughing in HOURS of study, covering two modules, get distracted by actual gardening and/or life bollocks, then spend a couple of hours here and there, before finally panicking a week before your exams and doing everything then.


  • You will try to learn the RHS list of plants (approximately three million of them), but ultimately, the only nomenculture you will be able to recall during the exams are the made up latin names you invented for bits of rubbish that turn up in the compost. (Elasticaceae, polystyrinii, Baggalloides, Bicpenifera.. etc etc)


  • For the vegetable module, always carry a ruler. IF you are over 30 (cough), you will need it to understand metric translations of inches.. Not that it will matter, because whatever answer you give for exact spacing between Brassicas, you will be wrong.


  • For the exam, bring an eraseable biro.. I cannot emphasise how important a piece of advice this is.


Here, as promised are some practice RHS exam questions.

1a: Name the correct weight in centimetres, distinct from ounces, to harvest a NAMED Beetroot crop.

1b: List the characteristics of Named Beetroot crop listed in 1a and state why they are of value as a propagation method.

2: Draw a detailed life cycle of a Paxton Style protected growing unit and state the reasons why it might be beneficial to a Triploid cultivar.

3: Name SIX reasons why a NAMED crop.

4: List three reasons why the RHS should award you a pass mark for this paper, including details on how you will never be an EXPERT (like me.. and the other mumblefuck horticultural fine detail dullards, who set these questions.)


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