So. This place is about to turn into a proper horticultural blog. Jammy git here has just managed to secure a rather lovely, very long term lease on a tiny cottage on a steep hill in the middle of the woods with about an acre of garden. At the moment there are scented roses, a small orchard, gooseberry and currant bushes, a large stand of raspberry canes, a substantial collection of rhubarb, some bland shrubs,a massive Phormium, a whole shitload of Hesperis and weeds.. so. many. weeds. Although there is a scruffy, mismatched charm about the place right now, it needs bringing together. My biggest confusion (at the moment) is how to blend the shocking pink, but beautifully scented roses with a more choice group of plants and help calm the colour down, as I’d like to keep a bit of the charming vibe going and lets be honest, who isn’t a sucker for scented roses on the front of a cottage! The red ones that are there though? Their days are already numbered.. There’s almost nothing I detest more than a red rose.

The garden has two distinct terraces already, but needs more, owing to the fact that most of the garden is on a fairly severe slope. There is currently nowhere to place my 30ft x 14ft polytunnel, so that is reclining in a lean -to for the immediate¬†future. Until I actually get my arse into residence there, it’s hard to imagine how the garden is going to progress. One thing is for ¬†sure. There will be a lot of destruction before there is abject beauty and a lot of hard landscaping to ensure the whole thing is fit for purpose. I do have this vague brief in my head;

I want the entrance to the woodland part of the garden to be dilapidated ‘formal, I want a propagation area (large), I want a production area (potager style), I’d like to possibly have a cut flower production area, but that will depend on space and there is a shadier area at the bottom of the drive for a bit of meadow, possibly with room for some nice nut trees, since there are already Sweet Chestnut trees in the woods around us. Spoilt? Much?.. Can’t wait to get stuck in.. just after we manage to lay floorboards and get a kitchen built and ….


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