Manihot grahamii

Once upon a time, when I was about five, I wanted a BMX. I would lay awake at night imaging the coolness of it, the shape, the speed I would get. I got one too, when I was about seven, all chrome and metallic blue, a two wheeled actual¬†embodiment of my eighties early childhood. After that, I pretty much have never coveted anything, not so much as a slight pang of lust… not of such that haunts your days, whisking in and out of your thoughts like a miasma. Not until I started on my horticultural path proper. now I have a whole list of botanical BMX’s, number one on the list being;

Manihot grahamii


Behold the absolute fucking beautaay!

Turns out this is like hens teeth to try and get hold of. The closest I’ve come is a variegated form which is abysmal, and one website in the UK which used to offer it, but now doesn’t. I’ve even resorted to emailing the nursery asking if they know where to source it, secretly hoping they have their own plant that they might be willing to share a cutting of, but alas, my pathetic, passive aggressive enquiry has fallen in their trash bin… presumably with everyone else’s who keeps asking them for it.

The biggest mistake I made was joining a hardy tropical fan group on facebook and asked on there if anyone knew where to source one and was immediately joined by six or seven other covetous fiends declaring they were also trying to find it.. In my mind I cursed them and I know that at least one of them will be at the rare plant fair I’m going to and if there is a Manihot grahamii there, I’m buying it, or even all of them and I WILL break your face if you get in my way… I won’t really..¬†but in my mind I will be.


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