I’ll admit it, the last few weeks have been an incredible slog, bodily (I have a thing) and as usual, I completely ignored my muscular and energy level pleadings and went out on Saturday and got absolutely shitfaced. Spent the entire length and breadth of Sunday unable to stray from my bed and am still rendered physically pathetic today, when I should be at work, having the craic ripping hedges apart. Instead, I’ve spent the day sorting out the seed list, making two different sheets of cataloging beauty.

The first lists all the seed (alphabetically gorgeous), with special prop info, sowing times and supplier. The second lists the seed, then has a space to record quantities propped, date plants were planted and space to include where plants are eventually placed (and how many). I think it’ll be a useful exercise to start keeping a personal record of where everything ends up and how it got there, it’ll also do me good to start being a bit more organised, as opposed to flailing about like an idiot, completely winging it.

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 14.02.37.png

I fucking love making lists, especially when they’re actually useful and not just a long list of shattered dreams which is the sort of shit I normally end up doing.



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