Digitalis isabelliana


Look at this. No really, look at it.. that’s it, study the sophisticated gloss on the lanceolate leaf, be seduced by the sumptuous swarthy chocolate stems, reaching splendidly toward the clouds. See that? One of the sexiest of flowers any plant could hope to lure bees (or birds in this case) with, deep burning oak-wood orange zygomorphic flowers, flushed upper-most a lusty gypsy cheek. This is a refined plant with Coco Chanel levels of elegance and chic. It is a thing so cool, you’re rendered a complete Pleb in its presence.

Adoration aside, this Digitalis (was Isoplexus) is a genuinely good plant. Being a shrubby relative of the humble Foxglove, it’s a native of the Canary islands where it grows at the edges of the Canary Pine forests. Obviously, this makes this a bit of a tender one, though in Southern Ireland we rarely get temperatures of a sustained nature below minus 5, wet will be more likely to kill it.

Plants in my Hortus list are here because;

A: I like them

B: They serve a useful horticultural need

C: They are ‘bargain plants’ i.e give more than they take

Isoplexis there-fore is here because;

A: Just look at it!

B:  can stand it a bit dry and since it is a sub-shrub rarely exceeding 2ft, is excellent in a pot, is an easy non-kill plant and, is evergreen! and just look. at. it!

C: Flowers from April right the way through the summer.. imagine! A plant this eye meltingly beautiful lasting more than a week! I may just plant my whole garden with this. Other plants are speccie weirdo’s wearing flares around this plant.


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  1. bluebrightly says:

    Thanks for the follow…I love your “about” statement, just love it. Also a fan of Digi’s in general and the more unusual ones, like this, are great. Currently I am without a garden, in an apartment, so maybe I can live vicariously here…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. almosthorticultural says:

      Glad you’re enjoying it! 🙂


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