Nigella orientalis ‘Transformer’


This lovely annual is well worth growing. The flower itself is sophisticated but elaborate, finalising in a marvellously structural seed pod, which can be used for cut flower when still green or lightly dried, or you could leave it for winter interest, as even the blown seed head is a pretty thing.


Here is my abysmal attempt at botanical drawing. Let’s call it a lovely Naive style and move on… Nigella orientalis ‘Transformer’ seed heads are particularly structural, revealing themselves early on in the flower’s formation by creating a great green hat held above the main flower structures. Gradually, the ribs of the pod swell leaving a beautiful 8-9 ribbed vase shaped adornment. As the pod ripens, the ribs concertina apart revealing the thin papery seeds within. They are very helpful plants to collect seed from, being of minimum fiddlyness and, lets be honest, just bloody great fun to play with.. if you’re a pod fiend.


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  1. bluebrightly says:

    Your drawing is not abysmal! It has spunk, and it fulfills the requirements – everything is there and it’s clear. 😉 Have you read The Triumph of Seeds by Thor Hanson? I’m reading it now…it’s very good.

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    1. almosthorticultural says:

      Thanks! also thanks for the book suggestion, will look that one up.


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