I’m a complete sucker for an elegant, understated plant. Aquilegia viridiflora is one of those. Aquilegias can be horrific! But this one is just perfect. It doesn’t get massive and is blessed with very brown, delicately scented flowers.

I first came across this plant in Chelsea Physic Gardens in the UK, where it caused me to do one of those ‘What the fuck is that!’ walks, the one where you stride excitedly and bury your senses into the thing that has alerted your soul to beauty. Some girls get like that with new eye-liner pencils, some of us react to brown flowers.

I haven’t actually grown this plant until this year, after purchasing seed (suppliers include Chiltern Seeds, Plant World Seeds and Jellitos). They came up well and grew on robustly after I sowed them in early October. I’ve just planted them out into the world and they still seem marvellously happy, considering I have soil like a pottery factory drain. I will be found rolling about on the ground rubbing them in my eyes when they finally flower. I’ll let you know how that works out for me.


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