Personally, I could gaze on this plant all day. It has details so elegant, you could actually write a poem about it. From the tiny fur covering that captures the light, to the oh-so-refined shade of dark purple flowers, it is a plant that is very almost perfect. ‘Samobor’ is a cultivar of the wilder variety of Geranium, Dusky Cranesbill. This Geranium strides away from the common sort by proudly displaying dark blotching on the leaves, which compliment its silently beautiful flowers, demurely nodding on tall robust stems that rise up from the foliage from April more or less onwards through the summer (if you keep cutting it). I’ve used it in cut flower arrangements and provided they aren’t placed near Vesuvial’esque heat, last quite well.

Geranium phaeum ‘Samobor’ grows well in sun or partial shade in normal nice soil. It is a bargain plant in that it bulks up quickly and can be divided endlessly every Spring once it gets itself comfortable. It’s an absolute bastard to grow from seed though, as yet I’ve been unsuccessful. GRRRR. We grow ours in a border where it compliments Erythronium ‘Pagoda’, Euphorbia polychroma and Camassia leichtlinii, earlier on in the season.


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