Dreams Bigger Than Time

Early Spring sunshine glances off of the roof of small propagation house, just a stone’s throw from the house. ┬áInside, benches of seed trays hold numerous examples of the more unusual species of some glorious garden plants all at various stages of germination. The prop house is fully kitted out with proper irrigation benches, heat benches, a mist bench area (for later on in the year and vegetative cuttings), lots of ventilation and meticulously clean and organised equipment and a perfectly situated and built potting bench, which doesn’t require stooping of any kind to happen during the long hours of potting.

The whole garden is situated on a large slope, which has been mildly terraced and is accessed from the upper yard via a number of wide steps. On the lower terrace, bathed in morning sunlight but with a perfect afternoon dappled shade, is a substantial polytunnel, where all the potted on seedlings go to grow up and where, in a few months, lots of tender vegetables will be lovingly tended and harvested. Flanking the polytunnel are a number of cold frames, some with plants already hardening off, some holding hardwood cuttings waiting for their moment of liberation and some empty, waiting for their charges.

The remaining two terraces are home to a beautiful, delightfully ramshackle potager type vegetable garden, overflowing with heritage vegetables, fruit trees and bushes, herbs and companion plants, lovingly tended but allowed its own freedom. Another part act as a nursery bed and cut flower garden, where from April to October, outdoor grown flowers and foliage is harvested and made into wild bunches to sell at a local market and to word of mouth locals who order them. So too, will the plants that will eventually be sold when big enough, to their clients who ordered their growth and any excess on the local stall.

Meanwhile, the rest of this undulating, multi-levelled garden, is a complex and sophisticated collection of planting, full of busy elegance and understated charm, utilising classical elements, such as organically shaped topiary and stone greyhounds…

One day, this will happen.. In the meantime, I struggle with making some steps and utilising the galvanise from a knocked down shed to create a retaining wall for the terraces while I save up for the replacement plastic for the dismembered polytunnel and wood for a frame for a prop house.. The dream seems oh so very fucking epic and unattainable at the moment…


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  1. bluebrightly says:

    We can dream! I have a feeling you will get pretty close…

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