Nom Nom Nom

‘Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing a freshly mulched bed’, I lied. In fact, there are lots of things that give me this great pleasure. Here is a list of horticultural nom nom.

  • A freshly mulched bed.
  • Squashing pests in the prop room.
  • Taking a plant out of its pot and planting it into the world. (you can feel them sigh relief).
  • Freshly weeded bed.
  • Self seeded seedlings being left alone to do their thing.
  • That tell tale soft green snippet of freshly germinated seed, especially when they come up and surprise you when you weren’t looking.
  • Gazing at the beauty at the height of summer.
  • Stuffing food into your face like a savage, that is right there in front of you, that you helped grow and nurture.
  • Finding new plants.. of gorgeous beauty.
  • Making wildy flower arrangements.




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