Update On Manihot grahamii

I wrote about it HERE a while ago. Back in October, I managed to source some plants at Great Dixter rare plant fair. They were about six inches tall and had a fair amount of leaf. The leaf was not as glossy or robust as I’d expected, in fact the foliage (at least on young plants) is quite limp and bland looking.

Within days of returning home the plants began dropping leaf, I put it down to the stress of travelling ( they’d been in the back of dark van for a few days). but, they kept dropping leaf. I chanced putting them on the heated bench for a while.. kept dropping leaf, until now they are merely a six inch pencil thick stem with a small cluster of new growth at the apical tip, which is weakly, insipid looking leaf making no effort at all to unfurl, despite a grow light being in the vicinity. Even if they do, they will probably turn yellow within a few days and fall off, like the rest of them did.

My conclusion?… Don’t bother. Manihot grahamii are so scarce because it’s obviously an absolute sulky bastard to get going! I’m fucked if I know what to do with the horrible things, bar throw them in the compost and grow something decent like a Fatsia polycarpa instead.


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